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Medvedev Alexei



 When and where the artist can't do? If it is urgent to congratulate a friend, family or colleagues
without going into a long quest with an unexpected gift. The best option for this-blitz-portrait or cartoon. Most people are interested in
if You are a favorite! And suddenly a new fresh portrait, which had caught him in a happy situation or the cartoon where he is, such a recognizable, charismatic, cheerful ... just In the artist-caricaturist-so full of ideas! th fantastic ideas are born instantly, at first glance at the man. Black-and-white, monochrome or colored, funny, witty, unique cartoons, they delight, surprise, amaze, touches,
delight, laugh! Take a look at examples of various portraits and caricatures presented on the website. They instantly raise the spirits of the whole company! And get ready cartoon you can very easily and quickly, literally within a few hours
speak to the artist. It will give you a picture and place it in a frame. If you need to send an email, and especially for impatient offered cartoons
online. ie immediately drawn. If you use Skype, the image appears straight in the eye,
and print it using digital technology will not be difficult.

 The artist caricaturist at the event

 On each occasion, the presence of the artist, portraitist, caricaturist.. Today no cartoons and caricatures can not do anything fun. Especially if it's an anniversary or wedding! With the approaching date of the celebration, there is a need to have time will be invited to celebrate the best of the artists that the characters of the pictures were recognizable, reflect the external and internal beauty of the celebrants and guests and radiated humor.. The emergence of a caricaturist on anniversary or wedding multiplies the revival of, promotes a relaxed friendly communication, and quick sketches for a long time remind you of time well spent. Well-known in narrow circles artist Alexei Medvedev, portraitist, cartoonist, caricaturist, -- ready to draw a single, double or group portraits, sketches, cartoons, caricatures -- black and white or color, pencil or pastel, in any format in any quantity -- for all those wishing to capture the figure in a fun holiday mood..


  Пейзаж маслом  
  caricatures of starsstyle114">caricatures of stars painting a portrait from a photo cartoons from nature  

   The artist caricaturist, appearing at a corporate event, great organizes and transforms the overall atmosphere of the festival. His presence at corporate events provides the whole evening of unrelenting fun, promote friendly rapprochement of participants among themselves. Drawing from nature for corporate events-is traditionally. In addition, in many cases, festival organizers are preparing congratulations to every member of the team to a professional celebration and often order them as personalized cartoons, and in some cases -- as a group of multi-figure plot of the cartoons, which are sometimes placed not only on paper but also on different items -- clothing, utensils. An example of such artistic gifts for everyone given on this website. ( Gift Cup, "Chapayevka")
Caricaturist performed as emergency work, and the work does not require haste. Cartoons can be ordered at any time by phone, email or in person, preliminary having agreed about a meeting. If a funny picture is needed urgently, the artist for the colored cartoon
pictures will take time from one hour to those hours. If the work is not urgent, the cartoon will be ready in 2 - 3 days. On blitz cartoon from life in black and white on one character takes 5 to 10 minutes. The colored cartoon will need 30 minutes. Quality of drawings is always excellent. Art materials: paper, pencils, pastels -- special and only the best.
If you want, cartoon or other picture can be ordered specifically to accommodate any other gift item. If it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the occasion, -- perhaps to draw the cartoon and oil painting on canvas.

 Cartoonist for the new year corporate party

 Corporate holidays 2016 - 2017 be sure to include the invitation of artist, cartoonist, caricaturist. Funny drawings, caricatures, portraits fast execution of long remind you of a fun day celebration. A quick portrait, blitz cartoon -- is largely mysterious. How the artist manages in a humorous illustration for a few minutes to draw up this stranger is recognizable and funny? Where are so unexpected and infinitely varied humorous ideas?! --No one will answer, and the artist himself does not know this. Caricaturist is able to instantly discern and then transferred to fluent figure some lines, astonishing precision and wit, not only the audience but the character. Here is something from the heart to laugh, but besides this , the cartoonist helps people get to know themselves and to laugh at himself and even be proud of something in itself, suddenly opened in the funny sketches, with some of its splendid qualities shown by the artist in the cartoon.
The page provides the cartoons over the years.


The artist-caricaturist at a wedding

 Wedding, as an event in life is very significant, requires wide publicity and many pleasant memories. The presence of the artist for any celebration can easily provide both, capturing the most interesting moments in his drawings. Overact portraits of the bride and groom and guests - entertainment unique. Caricaturist can give a fun very lively place with fast and expressive drawings from life, causing explosions of laughter. In the short time you have drawn all who wish. For the organizers of the wedding, some, particularly employees, relatives and themselves provided in advance booked Bridal portraits or caricatures from photographs. Their demonstration during the wedding quickly introduces guests to pose and helps to focus the fun on track. There is a new, special method of perpetuating memorable happy events, but in the spirit of the traditions of the past. This is a great picture or sketch from life, depicting either solemnly or with humor the most important moment of the wedding - ads of young husband and wife in appropriate circumstances. Sometimes in the open air, as seen in our example on the website. The artist painted this oil on canvas of large format. Within two or three hours enchanting image. It remains only to rearrange it in a baguette. A similar picture can be drawn in the photo.




Gift caricatures from life and photos as greetings for the upcoming holidays.

 Bustle in search of gifts and surprises starts in advance.
But the search can be reduced by contacting the artist caricaturist. Portrait or cartoon, especially from nature, as gifts -- always ahead of the competition,
They are like nothing else leave a fresh impression. Advance ordering of caricatures or portraits from a photo or from life
will provide the donor a one of a kind gift .
Caricatures and portraits from the artist's collection, black and white and color, varied in style and format, widely represented on this website.
We invite everyone to us for gifts. Portrait likeness and custom, each time a new charge of humor all portraits and caricatures very delight and amuse during the holidays.


Portrait or painting?

  Here are a few portrait paintings by artist Alexei Medvedev for a General idea of his work. Pastel and oil, his favorite materials. In these techniques, they performed a variety of portraits, landscapes, miniatures. The master fails to pass, except for the portrait likeness, mental state, mood, the thumbprint character, aspirations and dreams of a person. This is facilitated by clearly and beautifully marked with details of appearance clothes. symbolic objects surrounded by nature.. Each of the paintings by artist Alexei Medvedev contains and emits multi-layered and meaningful subtext, causing a lively interest in repeated viewings. ...

 Portraits and caricatures from photos

Look at the picture! Persons in these caricatures are easily recognizable. It is interesting that anyone can get into the hands of their friendly overact image. Either as a gift or for a gift. This is only to find the artist --one of those humorous portrait and will give the external features and mental. You can't even pose. Enough to provide a photo, better if some photos. Images are single portraits and caricatures, and double, and complex multi-figure compositions. Options subjects are infinitely numerous and diverse in content and in color, style and format. The site has examples of all varieties of cartoons that was ever executed by the caricaturist ALEXEY MEDVEDEV, who continues to experiment in the field of portraiture of humor. Contact us! Order! Deadlines -- the shortest, the quality is impeccable. If necessary, the artist will help to adequately apply for a job: select the frame, Mat, any font or stylized to make the dedicatory inscription. To order cartoon photos need to provide a few distinct snapshots of the characters at different angles. However, in some cases, the caricaturist can create an easily recognizable portrait or caricature, and a small photo with a slightly visible image, if not find another pictur

To draw a portrait in pencil

Armed with painter portraitist, caricaturist, there are always pencils. Simple graphite, charcoal or colored pencils, and pastels. Fans of humorous drawings are the most popular charcoal pencil leaves on the paper in bold clear trace. It is indispensable for cartoons, where clear and expressive line creates the right impression. The site provides many portraits and caricatures, filled with charcoal. But there are people who really appreciate the subtle undertones of graphite and asked to do a meticulously detailed portrait in pencil. So on the website you can see portraits of scientists, copied Alexey Medvedev pencil for the calendar. Colored pencils are also used quite often when creating small-format drawings of the type cards or with the outline on the pastel drawings. All samples are colour pictures on the website of Alexei Medvedev's filled with pastels and, in some cases, using colored pencils.



In creative Luggage of the artist Alexei Medvedev, there are many paintings and drawings, which are in the form of reproductions, in this case, postcards can please a wide audience. Paintings, executed in different techniques, sketches, pictures, drawings and even expressive sketches -- it all finds its way out. Separate -- to open letters, opening greeting for all holidays and all occasions, the selection of scenery and landscape sketches, humorous sketches, children's drawings from the artist's collection, also a separate and in sets of themes, as well as any order -- you can quickly get contact to artist Alexey Medvedev. The samples given here do not exhaust the available variety and wide choice. Anyone can order an exclusive gift card or a set in any format, and it will be one of a kind and never to be repeated.


Olympic cartoons
caricaturist Alexey Medvedev

  How unpredictable the results of tournaments and competitions, the rising of the new stars and sunsets favorites, as well -- unexpected and bold artistic interpretation in friendly cartoons and caricatures of athletes, coaches and people around the sport. Unexpected in content, vivid and expressive, always kind of funny, these cartoons -- great greeting, a pleasant surprise and memorable gift. Sparkling humor, sporting cartoons, and their optimism was reflected through the drawings of caricaturist love, hope and faith in the success of our Champions at the Olympics in Sochi 2014 and any other tournaments. The world of sports and the art world in Moscow go hand in hand. The artist in front of the cartoon displays a memorable date, displays friendly greetings, he will anticipate the coming victory, as if will program, bring it and make inevitable. This is only timely to find an artist caricaturist and book a cartoon from life or photographs in any appropriate style, format, black-and-white or color variant.. kinds of cartoons so much that everyone can find something that will suit it.



These live pictures are similar to pictures, but in many ways different from them. The similarities in the quick and accurate transfer of a person's appearance. The difference is that the portraits of dry brush --it's an instant art makeover, quick, rapid filling of the portrait image more meaningful content, as would be extracted by the artist portrait painter from the depths of the human soul. "They are like from life and photos. "Erase the accidental features and you will see -- the world is beautiful..."-- this poetical phrase-the eternal tenet for the artist portrait. Alexey Medvedev, as an artist, guided her in the works from time to time, but constantly. Therefore, the image in his portraits sometimes present a person the best in it that is hidden until then, and finally appear under the hand of the artist in any portrait, including executed in the technique of "dry brush". Besides these portraits are aesthetically very attractive and open to fantasy and dreamlike images. Confirmation of what was said here, you can easily find in the on site samples of portraits of the artist ALEXEI MEDVEDEV.



Bright and unique moments of fleeting life, barely defined under the gaze of the artist, then imprinted on paper in a quick and expressive sketches artist Alexei Medvedev. Their topics are diverse, they vary in style, but they belong to this artist immediately visible.


Book cover from the artist

For aspiring authors, publishing their works independently of the cover, the illustration was something necessary. On this page of the website of the artist Illustrator you can find many options of covers. Each of them is universal, meaning it can be used for the collection of poems and for the story or novel. These covers, made by the artist Illustrator, used fonts and vignettes, combined with the main image covering the entire surface of the cover. It's mostly landscape studies and sketches, painted and Peru preparer of skins. Listed on the page cover and never used. Lettering -- fictional, contingent. That semi covers. You can rent them, changing labels but keeping the font, and put their newly minted books, Not forgetting to agree with the author-artist Illustrator who can draw illustrations and to place them correctly in the new book.



Illustrator of literary works. Having worked in the field of book illustration, the artist. Alexei Medvedev was very fond of. Somewhere on another successful pattern for the author's tales of an aspiring writer's work is captured, led him to a thorough study of the rules, requirements and traditions in this fascinating genre. However, as an Illustrator, Alexei Medvedev is inclined not only to follow the requirements and traditions, but also to go its own way, writing as its a fun and scenic collection of figures based on the reading. If you are able to achieve the author's vision coincides with the vision of the Illustrator, - is half the battle. The main purpose to make a match with the vision of the reader. Bright, expressive, concise language, use of detail , enriching subtext -- that is about the rate adhering to, the artist seeks to recognize those who today reads books.